Daybook: June 26, 2015

Twenty-seven different lily plants open at home today. Monarda, spiderwort, great blue hosta, heliopsis complementing the lilies. Peggy’s gray-headed coneflowers are just starting, and I saw several new rose of Sharon blossoms downtown. (Moya’s came in three or four days ago!)

Walking at Clifton Gorge and John Bryant Park: full avens, wood mint, pokeweed, lopseed, hobblebush and great Indian plantain. Clusters of ramps fully budded sticking up through the mulch, all their spring foliage gone. Some white vervain and some leafcup beginning, several tall nettles and thimbleplants in bloom. One clump of bright Deptford pinks. Green hickory nuts on the path, a few green acorns. Fat red berries on one honeysuckle by the river. Cow parsnip and honewort to seed. Black cherry trees with black cherries. Only one wild raspberry bush seen: fruit still not ripe. Tight green berry clusters on the Jack-in-the-pulpit. The woods stained now with yellowing and rusting May apple foliage, sweet Cicely, Solomon’s Plume (with brown berries) foliage. A few buckeye leaves have turned, the undergrowth showing the summer’s age. This evening, John Blakelock called to say that his American toads were singing again, just started today. He’d never heard them try a second round of calls. Perhaps it’s the steady rains of the last week or so, the month’s precipitation at about six and a half inches, almost three inches above normal.

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